Lightning Bug Crafts began in 2017. Although we've been working for a year, we are only just now beginning to sell our products online. Over the next few months we will be adding a lot to our information and store pages, so please check back regularly for updates.

     Lightning Bug Crafts was inspired by an interest in both science and art, and a desire to combine the two. It was founded by a disabled teacher, Lisa, after she began to investigate fractal burning and pyrography. What followed was a two-year study of the processes, their great risks and how to create works of art safely.

     Alongside this learning, Lisa also developed her own artistic skills. Combining her growing abilities in drawing and painting with the pyrographic skills, she was able to produce unique artwork, including wearable art, for the interested public. As Lightning Bug Crafts grows and develops, its forms of art are expanding with it, with new one-of-a-kind pieces planned for release in the coming months.

Lightning Bug Crafts – Copyright 2018