Captured Lightning Mini Kendama

The kendama is a game of skill and coordination that originated in Japan. It has gained worldwide popularity, so much so that competitions and leagues are appearing in many areas (see this article from the Mercury News). A more complex version of traditional cup and ball games, the kendama combines the skills used in juggling and yo-yos with graceful physical movement (click here for a great demonstration).

This product is a miniature wooden kendama with captured lightning pyrography. 10,000 volts of electricity leave the image of the electrical current burned into the wood. Since electricity never follows the same path twice, this is a unique item that will never be duplicated.

Please choose from the two color options shown in the pictures. A burlap carrying bag is also included.

All of our artwork and captured lightning pyrography is done on solid wood - never plywood - for reasons of quality. Since we are using natural wood, some imperfections that are a natural feature of the wood can be expected. These are not defects, they are a normal part of the rustic nature of our products.

  • 5 inches high
  • 1.75 inches wide



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