Three Seashells Treasure Box

Remember the three seashells from the movie "Demolition Man?" Did anybody ever figure out exactly how to use them? No? Oh well, you can enhance your calm with this one-of-a-kind wooden treasure box.

The artwork on this box is wood burned by hand and enhanced with "captured lightning" pyrography. 10,000 volts of electricity leave the image of the electrical current burned into the wood. Since electricity never follows the same path twice, this is a unique item that will never be duplicated.

All of our artwork and captured lightning pyrography is done on solid wood - never plywood - for reasons of quality. Since we are using natural wood, some imperfections that are a natural feature of the wood can be expected. These are not defects, they are a normal part of the rustic nature of our products.

  • 7.25 inches wide
  • 5.375 inches high
  • 2.5 inches deep


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