In addition to wood burning, drawing, painting, carving, and lathe work, Lightning Bug Crafts uses "captured lightning" pyrographic techniques in our work. 10,000 volts of electricity pass through the wood, leaving the image of the electrical currents burned into the wood.

     While we are all in favor of people learning and experimenting, we feel an obligation to warn readers that this can be an extremely dangerous process. The Internet is full of sites offering instructions on how to build machines that will do this work using microwave transformers and other similar equipment. All too frequently we hear stories about yet another person who has been severely injured or, more often, killed, by doing this. So please, unless you have sufficient knowledge about electricity and proper safety measures in place (and redundant safety measures on top of those), do not try to do this yourself.

     We did not enter into this work until we had completed two years of research on the process and how to do it as safely as possible. Even with our strict safety rules mistakes are inevitable. We have had one, and only one, incident. Fortunately our safety precautions prevented this from becoming anything more than a very minor zap - not enough to cause injury, but certainly enough to insure that the mistake will never happen again.

     We do not use microwave transformers in our work. In addition to being especially dangerous, these transformers do not have the ability to produce the clean lines and detailed branching that we want to see in our products.

     In the future we will be posting more information, pictures, and videos of our process. Please check back regularly for updates.

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